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Once again the budget of the housewives disrupted, the price of food oil increased by 15 rupees to 30 rupees

During the last one month, there has been an increase in the price of cooking oil in the country by Rs. There has been an increase of 15 to 30. During the month, the wholesale price of refined soybean oil was Rs. 120-125 to Rs. 140-145, mustard oil Rs. 130-135 to Rs. 145-150, sunflower oil prices Rs. 130-135 to Rs. 160-165 per month done.

Edible oil continues to rise even after the festive season is over. At the same time, the price of edible oil usually comes down after the festivals are over. However, this time the reason for the increase in oil prices is the increase in prices in the international market. The reason for this is the growing tension between Russia and Ukraine. According to traders, the price of edible oil will also depend on the global situation. Although the festive season has just passed, the demand has increased. This demand will continue as soon as the wedding season begins. In this way, the price of oil is going to increase. But there is plenty of oil in the market. Businessmen associated with the Central Organization for Oil Industry and Trade said that due to the tension between Russia and Ukraine, the price of edible oil has increased in the international market. The price of edible oil in India largely depends on the international market. Therefore, due to the international boom, the price of edible oil in the country has increased. Edible oil has increased by Rs 15-30 per liter in a month.

edible oil prices

Oil a month ago

  • Mustard 130-135 Rs 145-150
  • Soybean 120-125 Rs 140-145
  • Sunflower Rs. 130-135 Rs. 160–165
  • Palmolin Rs.90-95 Rs.105-110

People associated with Federation of All India Edible Oil Traders said edible oil is expected to become cheaper after Diwali due to weak festive demand. However, due to the increase in prices in the international market, edible oil has become expensive in the domestic market as well. Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine led to a 25 percent increase in sunflower oil. Large scale sunflower oil is imported from Ukraine to India.

According to traders, the price of edible oil will depend on the international market. If there is tension between Russia-Ukraine and other countries. However, the situation has calmed down a bit in the last few days. If this situation continues further then the uptrend may stop and the decline is also possible. Prices are likely to rise as stress increases. According to Thakkar, the price of edible oil is completely controlled by the international market. There the prices will decrease when they decrease and increase when they increase.

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